About Us

Vijaya Nursing Home located at Chandanagar has experienced doctors, state of the art medical infrastructure. They are committed to the care and improvement of human life. In recognition of this commitment, they strive to deliver high quality, cost-effective healthcare in the communities they serve.

  1. High Risk Pregnancies
  2. Normal pregnancies
  3. Gynecological Care
  4. Hysterectomy care –(Lapro/ Vaginal/ Abdomy)
  5. Ovarian cystectomies
  6. D & C
  7. Myomectomy
  8. Oophorectomy

Vijaya Nursing Home provides the best healthcare both for mother and child. Our Gynecologists give the best medical care dealing with the high risk pregnancies with regularly attending pediatrician support.

  1. Take balanced diet consisting of Milk, Fruits, Green leafy vegetables, Dal, Meat, Fish
  2. Avoid self Medication
  3. Doctor Visits
    1. One visit once a month till 7th month
    2. Once in a fortnight till 9th month
    3. Once in a Week During 9th month
  4. Consult doctor immediately
    1. When moments of baby are reduced
    2. Leakage of fluid or blood from vagina
    3. Any severe pain in the abdomen
  5. When labour pains started avoid food intake, and report to the doctor with all medical reports

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